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Saturday, December 18, 2010

In Which I am Offered a Part-Time Job as a Male Stripper

Now for something on a lighter note:

I was coming home from an English style pub when a very dapper Korean gentleman (who I suspect might have been part of the local mafia, as he was standing outside of their headquarters with some other suspicious and equally well-dressed fellows) approached me on the street.  After a round of charades and asking him to repeat some things in his broken English, I surmised the following:  this man had some investment in a local club where there was currently a substantial number of inebriated Korean women having some kind of celebration.  They had expressed an interest in Westerners, and the gentleman was asking me if I would come and dance and put on a "Strip-off" show for them, for which he would happily pay me some money ($100 up front, and more after).

Now, I think this gentleman just decided any waeguk would do, as I am not a handsome man.  Look at my profile picture.  Go on, take a gander.  Yeah.

So, fearing for the future of this gentleman's establishment and not wanting to give a bad impression of Westerners as hairy, misshapen globs of humanity, I politely declined and went on my way home.  Plus...being a stripper for the mob is not something I want to put on my resume.

...well, okay, that would look pretty awesome, but still, no thank you.

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