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Monday, December 20, 2010

South to North: "We double-dare you to attack us again :P "

So back on November 23rd (almost a month since I'd arrived in Korea), North Korea shelled a little island off the western coast of South Korea.  Several people were injured, a few were killed.  This sort of thing is apparently pretty standard over here.  The North occasionally bares its fangs, does something hostile, and then claims it was either an accident, or that they were provoked first.

This event came on the heels of the North sinking a South Korean sub and killing forty-something sailors aboard.  So, things are getting tense.

South Korea has decided to put on a show of force and run some military drills along the oceanic border with the North, after the North has declared that such actions would make them open fire again.  Well, the exercises concluded today, and no new shelling has occurred.  Yet.  I really hope it stays that way.

For a more detailed look at the goings on, check this out:


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