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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"The Steam Punk" or, "I wrote a book, guess what genre it is?"

Well, I wrote a book.  Actually I've written three books, and have written enough other things to qualify for another 3-4 books, but this is the first book I've written, had edited, got a cover for, and put up for sale.  I'm pretty proud of it, and I think it's a bit of all right.  I also think you should maybe check it out and give it a read.  

And just in case you're wondering, yes, it does adhere to the stuff I just talked about in my last two posts.  It's got steam, it's got punk; it's got magic and monsters and mecha-tanks and all sorts of other fun stuff as well.  It also has a pretty entertaining story and characters, if I may say so.

Right now it's only available on Kindle, but you can get a Kindle app for iPad, and soon it'll be available on Nook and in printed format.  

You can find it -> HERE <-

I'd like to thank my friends and family for all their amazing support, and you, Reader.  You make it worthwhile.

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